Full Moon Blend

Full Moon Blend

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Let go and flow to all the moon has to offer you. She, Luna, the Moon is known as a divine feminine energy. A full Moon happens roughly every 29.5 days. This is the length of time it takes for the Moon to go through one whole lunar phase cycle.

Most years have 12 Full Moons, one each month. However, our calendar is not perfectly synchronized with astronomical events. Therefore, now and then, a year has 13 Full Moons. The full moon is actually the perfect time to let go of negativity.

How to create a New Moon Ritual:

Make a nice cup of Cacao or a herbal tea.

Light a candle, we suggest the Mary Magdalene Rose candle. White light is symbolic for protection

Cleanse your space with White Sage. Always us a fire prove dish to catch any fallen sage.

Journaling what it is that you would like to let go of, this is a powerful tool to release any stagnant energy and create space for higher frequency and feel good energy.

Anoint yourself with the Goddess Full Moon Blend. Roll the full moon blend onto your pulse points. Let yourself smell the aroma of the oils and take a few moments to connect to all feelings that are presenting themselves.

Practice Yin Yoga. This is a form of Yoga that works on targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues – ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridians. It is a cooling practice so I recommend having blankets that you drape around you as you practice. It really helps to balance the masculine and feminine energy in each soul that partakes in Yin.

Meditate, find some stillness to allow yourself to reflect over what has been productive and what needs to be released from your life from the last moon cycle.

Cleanse and charge your Crystals, under the moon beams of the full moon. This is the perfect light rays to cleanse rose quartz as the sunlight can fade away the beautiful baby pink colouring if it is over exposed to sunlight. 

Say an Affirmation. We love affirmation here at the Goddess box. Here are a few to get you started.

I release to the Moon anything that no longer services my life path.

I am worthy of all the abundance in this world.

I am open and ready to receive with gratitude all that is available to me.

The Oils; 

Lavender the oil of clear communication and helps to calm the nervous system. The full moon can leave some with a sense of anxiety that is one of the reasons that this oil is in the blend. It is also a great immune booster, your health truly is your wealth. Not recommended for use during pregnancy

Bergamot: This is a beautiful oil and is all about self exceptions. Bergamot is relaxing for the body yet uplifting for the spirit. This is a a beautiful oil to work with the heart and solar plexus chakras. 

Patchouli: This oil is all about teaching us about body acceptance and self love. It is so powerful. Popular in the 1960's due to its ability to instil, peace, calm and love. This oil is a very powerful grounding oil. It will promote a deep sense of relaxation.

Lemongrass: This oil has been blended to the full moon blend because of its powerful energy clearing properties. This oil encourages change and growth. Lemongrass is reviving for the whole body and very uplifting for the spirit. 

Geranium: This oil, is known for its Mothering properties. Geranium promotes the heart to open and be more receiving of love. This oil also helps to balance out hormones and creates a peace in our inner world.