Goddess embodiment bracelet 5

Goddess embodiment bracelet 5

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A little about the crystals in the collection of the Goddess bracelets: 

Roisin is the Creatrix behind Reflections of Gaia, a crystal jewelry business. Each one is hand threaded and blessed. All are so unique and very beautiful.

Labradorite is used for connecting to ancestral guidance and angelic protection through
change, both physical and spiritual. Labradorite helps us to see with our third eye, to see
beyond the limits of our five senses and is used for those who want to increase psychic

Rainbow Moonstone for emotional balance. This crystal connects us to our innate
knowing of when to rest and when to take action. It reminds us to live as reflections of the
Goddess in all of your phases; she is always beautiful and magnetic. You don’t need permission
to follow your own lunar cycles, to fill the sky with your full light or rest and hide behind the
clouds. Flow with your own needs and trust the subtle messages of your body. Garnet is used
as a tool to strengthen our Root Chakra and it increases our kundalini energy, helping our sensuality to flow fiercely.

Garnet reminds us we belong and we are safe. It is used to anchor us
into the present moment and to free us from worry or fear. Garnet helps us to trust our path even if it’s uncertain. This crystal also enables us to trust in others as well as deepening our connection to the Earth and to our body, our homes.

Rose Quartz will invite grace and self-compassion to those of us who tend to be overly critical. This is a gentle stone that engulfs us in a warm loving embrace when we are lacking self-love. Rose Quartz is a supreme nurturer
which is an important tool for healers and caregivers as we need to ourselves the same love we so freely give.

Sunstone is the stone of pure joy. The inner child awakener that invites us to
follow the blissful urge to play, create, dance, and find medicine in laughter. It helps us bring more light to earth during meditation and then helps us stand in that light so we may inspire others to do the same. Sunstone harnesses the energy of the sun helping restore and regenerate our energy. Again, a highly nurturing stone that will lift your mood by simply gazing into it.