Manifestation Ritual
Manifestation Ritual
Manifestation Ritual
Manifestation Ritual
Manifestation Ritual
Manifestation Ritual

Manifestation Ritual

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This is a very sacred ritual that will empower you and reconnect you to your inner power of manifestation.

Manifestation is a power tool that we all have within us. We can sometimes become disconnected from our ability to manifest as life can take us outside of ourselves. When we create time and space for rituals we have what I like to call a remembrance. This ritual will not only give you time and space, it creates a vortex of love. 

Each part of the ritual has been intentionally created to have a big energy impact on all levels of your existence. It will help you spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Follow the ritual step by step at 1st then listen to your own inner guidance on how to recreate it time and time again.

This manifestation Ritual includes 

  • A Palo Santo Stick
  • A Meditation Mist- infused with the goddess Brigid's energy and essential oils
  • A Lapis Lazuli pyramid crystal-powerful for manifesting your desires.
  • A Manifesting Oracle Deck- by Intuitive Specialist, Sinead de hOra
  • Manifestation essential oil blend - a unique blend of powerful essential oils
  • Guided Manifestation Meditation
  • A Grounding Yoga Class
  • 1 Affirmation Card

All packaging is biodegradable or compostable. 

Palo Santo 

To begin your ritual we recommend that you start with the palo santo stick. Light the end and once a flame appears allow it to burn for 10 seconds before blowing it out. Use the sacred smoke to cleanse away any negative energy in your space. Palo santo is a holy tree that's native to Peru, Ecuador and other South American countries. I am sure once you have tried this you will agree that the sweet scent is beautiful and creates a calming experience.

Meditation Spray 

Spritz the meditation spray around your aura, as you recite the Goddess Brigid's name 3 times. Brigid, Brigid, Brigid. 

You can not manifest from a state of low vibration such as anger and sadness. This meditation spray will melt away any lower vibrational energies and emotions. 

The water in this blend has been taken from the sacred well of Brigid in Kildare.

Offerings were left for the Goddess and the land as an equal exchange of energy. 

We have infused this meditation mist with powerful essential oils.

Lavender calms the mind and helps people to express their thoughts and desires. This lavender oil will melt away any tension you may be experiencing. 

Ylang Ylang is a powerful remedy for the heart. It also helps you to express bottled up emotions and draws out any toxic energy within or around your aura. Please note we have added alcohol to this blend which helps preserve the shelf life, so you can keep enjoying this meditation mist for a longer time. Ylang Ylang is also an aphrodisiac and helps you to reconnect to your divine feminine essence.

Cedarwood essential oil creates a sense of belonging. This oil invites you to give and to receive. Cedarwood creates a community and allows you to witness how you are fully supported. There are so many beautiful souls and also powerful energy around you waiting and wanting to help you to manifest. Be open to receiving this support. 

Manifestation blend        

Apply the blend to your pulse points. 

Frankincense essential oil helps you to let go of lower vibrations. It's known as the oil of truth. This oil helps you to see past your blockages so that you can manifest with ease. It also balances the energy by inviting in the divine masculine to be present alongside Brigid's divine feminine energy.

Lemon essential oil is used to create clarity and focus. It also restores energy to your overall well being and creates an opening for more fun. Afterall, Manifesting is meant to be fun!

Ginger essential oil teaches us how to empower ourselves. Ginger takes us from a state of victimhood to a state of warrior. Enjoy the power

Manifestation Oracle deck of cards

When you first receive your deck, place the cards in between the palms of your hands and over your heart. With your breath, imagine inhaling a white healing light into the top of your head and imagine that light flowing down your right arm, through your right hand, through the cards and into your left hand. As you exhale imagine the same light flowing through your left hand, up your left arm and into your heart. Repeat this 3 – 5 times. 

While you do this, set your intention for your deck. For example, you can say something like this; ”thank you for guiding me back into manifesting all that I desire.”  Why is this important? 

This technique is called ‘tuning’. All you are doing is tuning your energy into your cards. You can do this once, or you can choose to do this every time you pick up your deck. Ask the question for which you would like guidance. I would recommend doing this if someone else has played with your cards so that you can keep tuning your own energy into them. 

One of my favourite things about the cards is that the back of each card also has meaning. If you take a moment to fan out your deck face down, you will notice that there are 9 colours at the back. All colours represent your 7 chakra colours, 7th and  8th being pink and green from your heart chakra and the 9th being the golden colour of the Angels. Not only will you receive insight with the affirmations on the front, but you will also gain clarity as to which of your chakras needs more love and attention on that particular day. 

You will also notice the spiral on the back of the cards. This is the spiral of life. The spiral represents the everlasting flow and connection to all living things, to the Universe, to your Angels. The spiral also symbolises connection to help you truly remember your own ability to manifest all that your heart desires.

Enjoy building your bond and connection with the cards. I hope they bring you so much joy, love and clarity.

A bonus tip! When you choose a card, place the card on your heart and repeat the affirmation three times, really feel the energy and vibration of what you are saying. It is a powerful technique that supports the shift in your energy.

Happy Manifesting!

Lapis Lazuli pyramid crystal

This is a power crystal that promotes success, truth, wisdom and loyalty. The colour of this crystal is beautiful like the sky above. It aids in balancing the 3rd eye and the throat chakra. The copper spiral within the crystal amplifies the energy and power. Copper helps to keep our energy healthy and flowing. The crystal has a stunning pyramid shape. The apex of this pyramid is a direct power line to the universe to  manifest whatever your desire might be.